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America wins with the new Muslim Group in Washington, D.C.,

s AMERICA WINS WITH NEW MUSLIM GROUP Exclusive: Ellen Ratner welcomes pushback against ‘Islamophobia and terrorism’  This week, a new Muslim group, the American Muslim Institution, or AMI, announced its… Read more »

The AMI Launch story tweeted by Congressman Keith Ellison and Special Representative Farah Pandith

AMI Story Tweeted by Farah Pandith and Congressman Ellisonwww.AmericanMuslimInstitution.org Congressman Keith Ellison is the First-Ever Muslim elected to the US Congress from the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota, and have… Read more »

Voice of America – Muslims Must Counter Negative Image in US, Congressmen Say

VOA Urdu ServiceSeptember 18, 2015 5:52 PMhttp://www.voanews.com/content/muslims-counter-negative-image-united-states/2969802.html It is important to push back “against the narrative that Muslims represent terrorism and extremist ideologies,” said U.S. Representative Andre Carson, one of… Read more »