A note of appreciation to the attendees of AMI Launch

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A Note of Appreciation | www.AmericanMuslimInstitution.org

Even before we could convey in writing our thanks to those of you who attended the
AMI Launch event, some of you have send us your own heart-felt notes of
encouragement. As I am writing piece, we are continuing to receive further
approving messages.  We really appreciate
your kind remarks and, in the next letter  that we plan to send and post on our website,
your ‘comments’ responding to our Launch Event, with your permission will be

Ambassador Siddiqui, President of AMI, put it succinctly
when he said, “Congressmen Keith Ellison and Andre Carson endorsed AMI in the
strongest manner.”  That was precisely my
understanding too.

As legislators, they saw a clear need for the AMI’s work in building a cohesive
America. They are among the most talented of Congressmen serving in America
today to have made it against the odds that Muslims face, and their presence
gives us hope that other Muslims can reach similar heights if we emulate their
model of inclusiveness and working for the good of every American.  Indeed, they are the Amins*** of America. 

 Insha Allah, we will share their video recordings
of their remarks at the event within a few weeks.  I thought they were very specific and strong.

Dr. Farah Pandith spoke eloquently about the large, significant role AMI can
play in building a harmonious and effectively functioning American society.   She was very positive, upbeat and excited to
see the launch of a civic ‘American’ Muslim Institution. This will go a long
way  in nurturing our organization.

interfaith leaders  present were excited
to see our goals and agenda,  and they
articulated their views very well.  I am
so glad they spoke along with fellow Muslim Americans.
The comments and notes were very encouraging, and can
become our testimonials and be instrumental in helping fellow American Muslims know
more about us. We are all in this together and strive to be the Amins*** of the
society, where fellow Americans can trust us,  and believe us to be just, honest, and caring
for the well being  of all Americans
regardless of their three R’s – Religion, Region and Race.

The responses reflect the deep desire of the Muslim Majority for an inclusive
Muslim organization that represents their ideals; i.e., to get along with
everyone, minding their own business and to live and let others live.  An organization that can make an effort to
work towards fulfilling the promise of our immortal declaration of
independence, that all humans are equal. 

To achieve that goal, we are committed to be engaged with all Americans,  regardless of their affiliations, liberal or
conservative, Republican, Democrat or Independent,  religious or not. We are all in this together,
 and we must have the patience to get to
a point where you and I are a part of  society with similar aspirations to life,
liberty and freedom. When we see each other’s patriotism with an open heart,
conflicts fade and solutions emerge.

I walked away very pleased with the launch today
and honored by your invitation.  Given your objectives for working with
other Muslim organizations, I welcome the opportunity to discuss next steps.”
Name to be quoted later with their permission.

Salaam, thank you so much for the successful launch
of this Muslim American Initiative today. May Allah bless your efforts.”

There is
a hunger in people to speak in moderation, and when someone else does it, they
like it and support it. 

Internally, our team
spirit was simply incredible. It was a joy for me to see every Board member
actively participating in the program. The group work was very
encouraging.  I cannot thank the Board Members for making this happen, and
happened so well.  

We started the meeting right on time and finished 15 minutes early allowing
more time for the Q&A session. The questions and comments were enlightening
and successfully kept our responses to the point and precise. 

I applaud the leadership of Ambassador Siddiqui and Dr. Rahman and our Board
Members, we clearly have our work cut out for us.

In the month of October we can plan on holding gatherings in the homes of
supporters of AMI, community centers and other places, by inviting their other
friends who did not make it to the event.

The videos and pictures should be out in a few weeks. 

is one of the many reports in the media, and this one was little amusing.   The report mentions that we served alcohol,
and my response was,  
“Dear Drew, we appreciate your report, and as fellow Americans we need
all the help and support we can get, to allow moderate Muslim voices to be
heard. However, I would like to make a small correction, there were no alcohol
or pork products served.”

The report is at: http://www.newsfultoncounty.com/world/news/179335-us-muslim-group-launched-to-reflect-moderate-islam

We will always deal with difficult issues with grace, and with a desire to
befriend and not repel.

Thank you

Mike Ghouse is an Executive Director of American Muslim Institution, a
proactive voice for American Muslims. He is a thinker, writer and a speaker and
is committed to offer pluralistic solutions to issues of the day.

*** Amin was a title earned by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from Jews,
Christians, Pagans and other during his life time. It means that you are
trustworthy, truthful, honest, just and safe to be around. More about it athttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse/american-muslim-agenda-a-_b_5528706.html

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