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Dr. Mike Ghouse describes the essence of Islam in the latest book
‘American Muslim Agenda: Muslims Together Building A Cohesive America’ released

WASHINGTON – With Islamophobia happening in today’s society, Dr. Mike Ghouse pens “American Muslim Agenda” (published by Xlibris) to offer Muslims and non-Muslims alike an understanding of the essence of Islam. At its core, the book aims to open people’s hearts and minds towards each other, free them from tensions and bring joy.

Firstly, Ghouse defines a Muslim: It is someone who is a conflict mitigater and a goodwill nurturer, following formula for peaceful societies practiced by Prophet Muhammad and guided by the Quran. He describes Islam as pristine and pluralistic, another beautiful religion like all others, which brings solace to the individual and teaches one to live in harmony with what surrounds them, people and the environment.

Similarly, he presents how none of the Quranic verses advocated violence and only allowed an act in defense. He believes that the verses were no different from the criminal justice system of the United States of America. “If you violate other people’s right, there is a punishment for it, and if you care about others, there is a reward for it. God’s laws are no different.”

Ghouse also expounds on how American Muslims, as a community, have not developed any concrete plans to extricate themselves out of the chaotic situations, hostility and incessant Islamophobic rhetoric faced. With the book, he paves the way for Muslims to own the mistakes they have made, remedy them and become fully integrated Americans.

“This book will resonate with every American, and the biggest take away would be hope for America, and goodwill for Islam and Muslims,” Ghouse says. “They would appreciate the Muslim effort to be one with all, E Pluribus Unum, and their attempt to build a cohesive America.”

A review of “American Muslim Agenda” from Dr. Frank Islam, philanthropist, and a scholar, Washington:
I am intrigued by the book, particularly the chapter on the Essence of Islam. The great Talmudic sage Rabbi Hillel in the first century BC said, “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation of this—to study it!” Dr. Ghouse responds to Rabbi Hillel with a corollary on Islam, “God has created us into different races, religions, sizes, colors and other uniqueness’s, respecting the otherness of the other and accepting the God-given uniqueness is the whole Quran and the rest is the explanation of this – to study it.”

“American Muslim Agenda: Muslims Together Building A Cohesive America”
By Dr. Mike Ghouse
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 310 pages | ISBN 9781984575821
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 310 pages | ISBN 9781984575814
E-Book | 310 pages | ISBN 9781984575951
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Dr. Mike Ghouse is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. His book, the “American Muslim Agenda” is about Muslim earning their respectable space in the nation, be it social, religious, cultural or political. Ghouse’s mission is to open people’s hearts, minds, and souls towards each other. He believes that the ultimate purpose of humans is to live freely and be comfortable with their culture, race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and individuality. He is a public speaker, author, interfaith wedding officiant, a newsmaker and the executive director of the Center for Pluralism in Washington, D.C. Know more about him at
THE BOOK: American Muslim Agenda
It is a Muslim effort in building a cohesive America where each one of the 323 Million Americans feels secure about his/her faith, race, ethnicity and culture. The book is available at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google, and other book stores. The book is available at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble and other book stores. Talking points at
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