American Muslim Agenda – the book!

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This book – the American Muslim Agenda is a blueprint and a road map for American Muslims. It has a brand new chapter called Islamic values – never written before, a first in Islamic literature.  12 Islamic values that contribute to building a cohesive world, where all of God’s creation can live in harmony.

You will also learn about the essence of Islam – every one of the 17 chapters is fully backed up by the verses from the Quran.

The plan is to elect a Muslim woman president in 2036, how do we do that? What are the things we have to do in the next 16 years to achieve that?

Visit the site to learn more about it.

  You can get the e-book right away for $6 on Kindle/Amazon and the soft copy is $20 – Google my name and American Muslim Agenda, you’ll get the information.

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