What’s the American Muslim Agenda?

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What’s the American Muslim Agenda?

What is that Americans Muslims want? How close
are they to what you want? What can they do about it? What are your issues with
each other? If you are a conservative, grudgingly, you’ll see the value in this
book, and if you are a moderate, you’ll dance and sing along with joy.

You and I have a responsibility to create a world where, you,
me, and our grandchildren can live without apprehensions. No matter we go, we
should feel secure about faith, race, ethnicity, culture and our political and
sexual orientation.

Would the book American Muslim Agenda bring attitudinal change
among Muslims?  Yes, it will, it’s akin to planting seeds and nurturing it
to give the beneficence to the next generation. I know most American Muslims
will wholeheartedly subscribe to the refreshed understanding of Islam, we need
to expand it to more Americans.

Some of the reservations we have about Muslims and Islam are
based on what we have heard from our parents, teachers, clergy, favorite media
people and others.  We need to find the truth on our own and find freedom
from misunderstandings. It is a blessing to be free.
Muslims have shied away from confronting difficult issues about
their faith, and most of them don’t even have a clue about the essence of
Islam, it was never articulated before in the history of Islam. 
A few medieval scholars have reduced Islam to rituals, five
pillars, dhimmi, jizya, sharia, externalities, and enforcement of your rules on
to others. That is not Islam, and most Muslims can recite verses that Islam is about
free will. God uploaded free will into Adam’s DNA, and emphasized it in the
Quran, the prophet practiced ‘freewill’ and established examples for it. Sadly,
Muslims know the truth but were bullied into silence with fatwa bombs. All I
have done is articulated what Muslims believe, but dared not say it. The book
is the voice of the majority of ‘American’ Muslims.
This book is a product of twenty years of research and thousands
of discussions in which Muslims, non-Muslims, and “Islamophobes” have participated
in it, including debates on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Stuart Varney, Pamela
Geller, Brigitte Gabrielle, Robert Spencer, Jamie Glazov, Raymond Ibrahim,
Walid Shoebat, Wafa Sultan, and several others.  
Islam is about living your life and letting others live theirs.
Islam is about building cohesive societies where all of God’s creation lives
with dignity and freedom. In God’s universe, we are merely a speck, and no one
is more privileged than the other. If you are a moderate individual of any faith,
you will find the book in tune with you.
It is time to go beyond the five pillars of Islam, and I hope
the Imams and Muslim scholars who are free thinkers would appreciate the
contents of the book. This book may indeed become a reference manual for teaching
Islamic values that contribute to creating a better world for all humanity.

The American Muslim Agenda offers guidance to Muslims to be one
with all, and it voices what Muslims believe and live with and empowers them to
live their lives and let others live with free will.  The book opens the
door to people of other faiths to shed their biases and join hands in creating
a world of safety, security, and harmony for all humanity.

Islam is a public religion, and Muslims don’t own it
exclusively. You are invited to participate in discussions, including your
faith.  The book is expected to initiate conversations about the nature of
Islam and fellow humans. I welcome your criticism (after reading the book).

You can get the book from Amazon online or a book store. You can find the talking points at www.AmericanMuslimAgenda.com.

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