Muslim Woman President of the United States in 2036

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Everything begins with strategic planning, and Mike has spent a considerable amount of time envisioning “A Muslim President” and has put in an effective plan together to achieve it. Why a Muslim woman? One of the many ways to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps is to look at our history and revive on the model created by Bibi Khadija; the wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who made things happen!

If we want a significant change in our society and around the Muslim world, this is the way to go forward.

To be substituted later with a woman who could be the president

Why a Woman?

When Muhammad (PBUH) walked home all excited and trembling with the revelations he had just received, he did not know what to do next. His wife Khadija did not discount or question him; she believed and comforted him instead.

There is a woman behind the success of every man. Indeed, the historians have written that Khadija was “the rock upon which Muhammad built his faith.”

Bibi Khadija became a catalyst in his mission of creating responsible, accountable, and just societies which is an expression of the oneness of creation or merely put; Tauheed.

She was with him all the way until he realized his mission. She saw to it that he succeeded in his goals. Khadija was the kind of woman that every man or an organization needs to bring success.

Khadija was ahead of her time and led the women’s liberation movement. She did what no one had done before in any society, she ‘proposed’ to marry the man 15 years younger than herself. The Prophet accepted, and subsequently, they were married. Thus began the journey of freedom for women, the Prophet restored women’s inalienable God-given right to be free and independent. He declared that a woman was responsible for her own deeds on the Day of Judgment as was the man. No one bears other’s burden, and each one of us is a full and a dignified human.


It takes a woman to change the world. Is there a Khadija out there, who can see the current situation of Muslims and turn it around?

She can take the leadership by the horns and bring about the necessary change.

Nothing will ever happen without dreaming, envisioning and planning.

We have to come out of our caves and live in the big world and learn to respect the otherness of the other and accept the God-given the uniqueness of each one of us. We are a selfish lot, we chase our tails in the mosques and rarely get out and join the protests for the rights of others. How do fellow Americans will learn about us?

A Muslim woman will be elected as our President in 2036, which gives us 16 years and 4 election cycles to do the right things, not for the benefit of Muslims but for the common good of all Americans.
This book, “The American Muslim Agenda” is a Blueprint for Muslims. How do we get there, what does it take? Ultimately, each one of the 323 Million Americans has to feel secure. How do we do that? It is all in the book.

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