Anti-Muslim protests on October 9th and 10th and Muslim Response

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On Oct. 9
and 10, a group of loosely connected protesters plan to host anti-Muslim
demonstrations in front of at least 20 mosques,
community centers and government offices.
While some organizers have urged participants to leave their
weapons at home, others are urging protesters to exercise “ALL of your
Constitutional Rights.”

While this group has the
right to stage lawful demonstrations, all places of worship are legally
protected. So, please work with your law enforcement officials to provide
officers to protect the Masjid during the demonstrations.

one is our enemy, and no one is out to get us. T
hey have questions, and we need to boldly address them to
allay their fears. We have to come together as Americans and solve our problems
isolation, retraction, silo-ing ourselves or hiding behind presumably safe
walls is not an option; it simply prolongs the integration process and intensifies the

  • Let every Masjid that our friends want to demonstrate around operate normally, no need to stay home.
  • Every Masjid should fly the
    American Flag.
  • Let every Masjid provide
    water for the visitors in front of the building through vendors, and, if funds
    are available, serve kosher hot dogs.
  • Muslim women and youth to hold Placards or Banners to say

    1.  We welcome our friends,
      fellow Americans to 
    2. Join us in an interfaith prayer
      led by a Pastor, Rabbi, Imam or a Priest
    3.  We are Americans, this is our
    4. We abide by our American Laws
    5. We believe in U.S.
    6.  Safety of All Americans is
      our prime goal
    7. We are all Americans, let’s
      join hands

E.     We are
designing the placards and will make them available on our website .

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