Donald Trump – Muslims have become the latest Punching Bag in the Republican Party Presidential Campaign for 2016

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have become the latest Punching Bag in the Republican Party Presidential Campaign
for 2016

Washington, D.C., September 21, 2015 – An
unidentified man, who spoke at the Trump town hall meeting in Rochester, New
Hampshire, asked the mogul at the meeting on Thursday night. “You know our
current president is one. You know he’s not even an American” and then he
went on spewing hateful tirade against Muslims.”

Donald Trump did not stop him.  He should
have corrected the man as he started to insult our President, and then he went
on lumping 1.6 billion Muslims with the ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Does
he not know that several Muslim countries in the Middle East are a part of the
U.S. led coalition currently engaged in military operations to destroy ISIL

Can Trump answer this question for a man from Dallas, “I am an African American
Muslim born and raised in this great country?” Where am I in your vision of
Making America Great Again?

In 2008, a woman at a John McCain Campaign event insisted
that Obama was “an Arab.” “No ma’am,” McCain replied.
“He’s a decent, family man, citizen that I just happen to have
disagreements with on fundamental issues.”  

We see the signs of desperation, when people resort to such
insults; it shows they are operating from a position of weakness.  Americans are not stupid, Trump can try to
tear America apart, but we are hopeful that people of goodwill will keep
America together.   I hope Jeb Bush and other Republican
candidates for President in 2016 call him out and do not out-trump his
Ambassador Islam Siddiqui, President of AMI said, “As
Americans we cannot remain silent, we call upon all the Presidential candidates
to be aware that there are over 7.0 million peace-loving and hard-working Americans
who happen to be Muslims.”

We hope Americans of all faiths will stand up for each others’ rights, which is
the least we can do to build a safe and prosperous America for all.   

American Muslim Institution is based in Washington, D.C.,
and is a proactive voice for American Muslims.   

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